Roy Gets sad is a new body of work by Indie McCue comprised of 3 Animations and 3, 8-bit games which have been commissioned through by the LookAgain Festival with support from RGU Heritage and Collections in conjunction with The Seed Fund. Please do take a peak at the work and leave a comment or feel free to get in touch.

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To Enter The Transition Arcade

Transition Arcade was recently shown as part of Generator Projects, TH4Y Show.

Take the 360 virtual tour around the works!

Fully Loaded

Gender Play

Grays School of Art, 2019

Installing the first edition of Transition Gaming Arcade with hand painted wall designs extrapolated from my digital illustrations to give that maximalist yet playful feel.

Art and Life is a high quality publication which was curated and designed by myself. It showcases the work of a diverse and dynamic group of artists within the trans community.

Head to the publications tab to read more.

Lesson 1: Gender

is an animation that was made as a component of one of my works ‘Gender Play’, this animation gives the very basic of run throughs of what terminology to use in relation to trans, non-binary and intersex people.

click here to watch it

T Room

1920 styled living-room where you can pop in for a cup of tea or coffee and sit down on a relaxing arm chair to read from an eclectic collection of trans and queer literature for all ages and experience.

Transformers Zine

was one of my first zine projects dedicated to trans people, you can read more by heading to the publications tab.

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