A Game of Life

Recent works of mine have taken form in the development of a game series, “Playing with Life”. The finished series will feature several steps along my journey as a trans identifying person in my fight to get gender affirming top surgery.

I travelled to Fort Lauderdale on the 1st of December from Glasgow Airport with my partner to stay at a retreat for Trans people going through surgery – New Beginnings. It was as loving and brilliant as it sounds if not a little corny but it was the most supportive place I could ever have imagined.

I had my ‘Top Surgery’ on the 4th of December. From the moment I woke I lived in the recliner chair in our room in the retreat. I say ‘lived’ because I really was cemented to it (it was the only thing that comforted my aching body). Small things became obstacles and for the majority of the time my navigation to retrieve my glass of juice, phone, pretzels and the tv remote became a game like endeavour.

So was born, New Beginning’s Edition.

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