Transition Gaming Arcade – Take 2 I was extremely pleased about receiving a place among 4 other artists to exhibit my current works at Generator projects annual show TH4Y. It went exceptionally well all things considered. some adaptations to my work occurred due to Covid 19 precautions and guidelines which saw my 6 Game installationContinue reading “TH4Y”

Degree Show 1

Recent works of mine have centred around developing 8bit games, that explain and illustrate my journey to getting gender affirming chest surgery (commonly known as ‘Top Surgery’).  In preparation for my Degree Show at Gray’s School of Art from June 14th – 21st – I will be creating 6 games that display specific aspects of myContinue reading “Degree Show 1”

Developmental Practice

Featured is some development work of a game/installation environment that I am creating. The interactive space will feature a room (non specific) decorated with non gendered and specifically gendered colours. I have taken inspiration from 90’s cartoon-esque illustration within my composition and style type. The concept of the game is that the process is notContinue reading “Developmental Practice”

Stimulational SUMMER

I haven’t been updating my website and there is no excuse other than YOUR MENTAL HEALTH IS IMPORTANT. Alas, there has been a multitude of creative things happening in the life of this trans boy, my work is my life and is neverending. I have been up and down the country for creative inspiration andContinue reading “Stimulational SUMMER”


This is TRANSBOY | FANBOY‘s very first post. I’d like to begin by saying that this is a non-profit organisation that focuses on educating on the concept of every person that presents as Trans. Here at TRANSBOY | FANBOY, we aim to help non-trans presenting people in understanding what their trans friends suffer, throughout every-dayContinue reading “Transformers”