keek is a creative community space, in Troon, Ayrshire run by Troon Local and Visual Artist Indie McCue alongside Highland’s born Fashion Manufacturer and Designer Emma Owen.

It is a hub of creativity offering informal, affordable workshops on all visual arts, digital arts and fashion/textile practices. As well as workshops keek offers a community arts space for local groups, workshop hire, a tool library as well as a digital library whereby anyone can borrow equipment to use within the space or to be used at home (subject to arrangement).

keek offers studios for creatives or small businesses, at any stage, in Ayrshire. We provide a community focused creative studios that will allow you to grow as a creative or as a new business owner with support from specialised and welcoming staff as well as creative mentoring.

If you don’t consider yourself to be a creative or a small business owner but want to get involved in creative workshops that let you lead while making sure you get the most out of the time: we have many many options for you!

Our workshops are offered up at a mostly Pay what you feel basis with a few exceptions to that rule. Anyone from the age of 10+ can take part in our workshops with some workshops being 18+ due to their nature (this will be explicitly stated on promotional materials before each event).

keek will feature a community workshop area which can be used by local groups or for local events. The Tool and Digi library means that you can use our equipment within the space or out-with (by arrangement). So if you feel intimidated using power tools, maybe you’ve never done digital illustration and want to know what its all about but you can’t afford the newest tech – we’ve got you!

As well as a range of community amenities we will be opening a humble cafe which will function as an integral part of the space offering a meeting place for creatives, locals and visitors to gather and come together to support the creativity of Troon and South Ayrshire in General, there’s lots of it!

keek – Coming Soon (2021-2022) to Troon, South Ayrshire.

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