Degree Show 1

Recent works of mine have centred around developing 8bit games, that explain and illustrate my journey to getting gender affirming chest surgery (commonly known as ‘Top Surgery’). 

In preparation for my Degree Show at Gray’s School of Art from June 14th – 21st – I will be creating 6 games that display specific aspects of my trip to Fort Lauderdale in December 2018, to have double incision chest re-sculpture surgery with Dr Garramone.  

Throughout my time in Fort Lauderdale, FL, I (accompanied by my partner) stayed at a retreat for trans people. Alike me, the other guests were also going through transitional surgeries. New Beginning’s TLC became more to me than I could have ever imagined. I made extended family and created life long bonds with the other housemates and the hosts while going through a surgery that altered my entire outlook on life. With that said the first game I have created is ‘New Beginnings Edition‘. This game will be featured in my 90’s aesthetic inspired arcade, ‘Transition Games’.   

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